Beautiful day to be out on the mountain in North Carolina



Newspaper Gift Bag DIY from Repurposed Goods!

Yes, there are tons of Newspaper Gift Bag DIY’s out there but is there one as cool and concise as this??!? A bag that I picked up in Mumbai (FabIndia) encouraged me to make this Newspaper Gift Bag DIY. Trying to fit it onto a single page was a challenge that is still being worked on but I think it can be followed decently. Never-the-less, here it is…enjoy!

{Download PDF HERE}

Happy Holdays!


Who knew that Orange County Choppers was in New York?! On the way to my clients office from the airport, I passed the OCC shop. Of course I had to stop in, who knows when will be the next time I am going to come back to this area? It’s absolutely amazing the level of detail on these bikes. I’ve seen them on tv before but it was something else to see them all lined up in person. However, I’m not sure if I could throw down $50k +++ for a bike. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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….it’s preparing you for something greater.