Honestly, I had no idea what my company had signed me up for when they said that I was going to be heading to Natchez, Mississippi (I just wanted to type that so that I could spell it out in my head).  After talking to a few people about it, I was even more depressed that there was going to be nothing in this place.  It was too late to bail on the trip so I went ahead and made plans to fly in and out of New Orleans since I did not want to be stuck for the holidays.

To my surprise when my co-worker and I cruised into the city on Sunday, we passed a Wal-Mart and what seemed to be numerous signs of civilization!  For the next two weeks, I had a blast hanging out in Natchez.  The people here are amazing and the town has been restored to all of its glory.  Apparently it’s also famous for all of its Antebellum homes that it even attracts foreign tourists!  Who would have thought?! but I guess if you want a true taste of American culture, you should get out of the big metropolitan cities eh?

I can’t wait for another occasion to come back and stay again.

Most random thing: Neon light up palm trees in front of Mexican restaurant
Funniest thing: Pink pig wearing cowboy boots
Strangest thing I did: Wake up at 5am to go running with a group of guys in town
Random fact: The city is on a bluff … (do you even know what that is?)
Best meal: Fish fry at clients house w/ a scotch nightcap