I aboslutely love random trips.  During my business trip to Natchez, MS; I decided to spend the weekend in New Orleans instead of flying back to Atlanta.  Turned out to be an awesome weekend, I got to just go and hang out in the city and just go about my business as usual.  It’s great sometimes to not be a tourist and have places to be all of the time.  Walked into Cafe Rani (http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-rani-new-orleans) and had the best blackened redfish po-boy ever with some live music rocking in the corner.

Mass at St. Louis Cathedral was quite the experience.  The church has been around forever and seems surreal when you’re inside, it was either that or the interesting homily that was delivered about healthcare.  It’s pretty convenient to just stop in and hang out for an hour.  Afterwards, just head over to CDM and have a cup of coffee with a few beneigts and people watch.

The po-boy festival was also this weekend and Rob (NOLA friend) introduced me to Drago’s charbroiled oysters.  My gosh they were delicious!  (I’m salavating just typing this up right now)  The sandwiches were good too but I did find a new love.

Besides eating good food, hanging out and running into people you know here and there. It was a great weekend.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.