Even though this is rainy season in Thailand, I have been blessed with amazing weather here. Overall it’s been sunny and partly cloudy with ocassional thunderstorms that only last for an hour or two. After the rain is over you can just continue as if it never rained!

The food here has been great and I’ve managed to refrain from the urge to go to McDonalds and KFC (only because they are on every corner). In the cities, street vendors are lined up selling everything your heart could desire (made fresh to order), I couldn’t resist stimulating the economy one dish at a time! Luckily all of the walking and heat as helped me work off some of the extra food I’ve consumed but that doesn’t do anything for all of the fried foods here. Some how they have managed to find a way to deep fry anything from fresh fruits to bugs and make it all taste delicious (except for the waterbugs).

On the way back from BKK, I had a 2 hour lay over in Chicago in the morning.  While in search of some good food, I couldn’t resist the temptation to enjoy a fresh pint of Goose Island 312 for breakfast.


Goose Island 312 for Breakfast

Favorite places: Macau, Bangkok, Ko Samui
Favorite mode of transportation: train / ferry
Favorite foods: Lap, Sticky rice, Pad Thai, Grilled chicken, Cha Nom Yen (Thai iced tea)
Favorite fruits: Mangosteen, Logans, Banannas
Craziest food eaten: Giant Water Bug
Greasiest food eaten: Scrambled eggs fried in 1/2 cup of oil
Wildest thing seen: Flying squirrel jumping off of a tree over my head
Best restaurant: Shoshana
Best way to die of pollution: Ride in a tuk tuk
Best hotel: Lub D Hostel in Bangkok
Best excursion: Snorkeling / Flight of the Gibbons (Zip lining)
Most sweaty experience: Running in 99% humidity & 90 degree heat
Easiest way to die: Crossing the street in Bangkok
Worst experience of the trip: Ping pong show
Least expensive meal: 20 Baht ($0.60 USD)
Most expensive meal: 600 Baht ($18.18 USD)
Least expensive hotel: $0.00
Most expensive hotel: $420 HKD ($60 USD)

I’ve posted most of my pictures on Flickr and there are links on the left hand side, hope you all enjoy! Look forward to seeing what you all have been up to and sharing my stories.